Monday, January 2, 2012

Woodland Critter Christmas Accessories

My mom lives out in the woods, so we didn't have to decorate much in order to get in the woodland critter spirit! Here are some highlights of our woodland decorations:

We hung die-cut moose from the candelabra, just above the centerpiece (which was actually a collection of pieces, in the center of the table). The moose are a red and white Scandinavian print (thank you, Ikea).

Here are the centerpiece items up close. Nut cup, anyone? I found the little papers for the nut cups at a specialty baking store. They're shaped like little flowers, with petals. They're really meant for mini cupcakes, but they worked just fine for our woodland treats!

This was in the middle of the kitchen island, where all of the baking activity took place. The squirrel box is full of candy.

Can you believe I got the two owls at the bottom of this photo at a yard sale, in the free box? We were all really glad that the gnome with the broom was there to sweep up after us.

My sister's dog, Nilla, was the only actual woodland critter in attendance. I think she liked the attention!

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Laura said...

Super cute! I'm glad you were with your family to celebrate.