Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Christmas Miracle

I know I talk a lot about pre-Christmas miracles, meeting miracles, and wedding weekend miracles on this blog, but seriously, this is amazing.

I've been making a few infinity scarves for friends-- basically you sew a wide tube of fabric (knit, not woven), and kabam! you have an infinity scarf. You don't have to hem it or serge it or any of that business. Just sew it into a tube, loop it twice around your neck, and you're done. It looks like you just walked out of the Gap or American Apparel.

Recently I was at St. Vincent de Paul (my favorite thrift store) and I spotted a piece of blue stripey knit fabric that would be perfect for making these scarves. After scooping it up for the bargain price of $1.00, I took it home and dumped it in the Project Pile, where it sat for a couple of weeks until last night, when I realized that if any of my friends were going to receive infinity scarves for Christmas, I would need to actually make the scarves and put them in the mail. So I got out the fabric, and I was just about to get out my sewing machine when I noticed that the fabric was already sewn into a tube! No lie. The fabric I was going to sew into a tube was already freaking sewn into a tube. Please someone comment, "Totally tubular." Anyway, I grabbed my rotary cutter and sliced that long tube into four shorter tubes, making four scarves. They're in the mail now! If you get one... I'm sorry your present only cost 25 cents. I still love you.

The site of the miracle

Showing off one of the new scarves... with an angel on my shoulder.


Laura said...

Totally tubular! and if I received a 25 cent gift I'd just think the giver was totally awesome. I love St. Vinney's, too. It rocks.

Case said...

Love it and Thanks!