Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pre-Christmas Family Field Trip

Last Thursday, my mom, Karl, and I drove down to Oak Park, Illinois to visit my brother, Elsworth, and his girlfriend, Lia. They have a super cute apartment. Here's their Christmas tree:

The ornaments are all beautiful and handmade, including ten guinea pigs, like this one.

Elsworth had a cookie exchange at work while we were there. One person brought rosettes and of course they were completely mashed by the time Elsworth got them home. Note to cookie bakers: Rosettes don't travel well.

Here's our mom, posing with some squash.

Lia and Libby like to play Wheel of Fortune on the ipad.

We got to tour Frank Lloyd Wright's home in Oak Park, and we took the train downtown to a Christmas market. Karl and I got to go to Macy's and see the big Christmas tree on the 7th floor, and we were lucky enough to visit my wonderful friend Mara and her sweet baby Simon. I couldn't get enough cuddles from Simon!

We also managed to stop at Ikea twice during the 49-hour adventure. Nothing says "Christmas" like Ikea.

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Laura said...

Sounds like fun! Did you get any dreamberry jam (or whatever it was we ate in Greece at Lena's) from Ikea? You know your waffles are crying out for it. And I love Ellsworth's tree!