Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calendar Mayhem

I'm sure you've been wondering what I put inside our Advent calendar. Well, wonder no longer.

What we have here is a little assortment of goodies from Trader Joe's and World Market, plus a couple of other things I picked up here and there. The little Pinnochio is from our trip to Italy this spring.

"Help! I'm stuck in a stocking!"

Here's what he looks like at night.

Chocolates, lip balm, and more chocolates aren't my dream contents for the Advent calendar, but December 1st crept up on me and it was the best I could do. I have a secret plan for next year's calendar: I'm going to put 24 slips of paper in our nightstand. Then throughout the year, when we do something special together or have a really great day or something happens that we want to remember, I can write it down on one of the slips of paper. Secretly, of course. Then when December 1 comes, I can just roll up the slips of paper and put one in each stocking. Karl can open one up each day and read about some of our favorite memories from 2012. Hopefully we'll have more than 24 memorable days, but realistically, it will be an accomplishment for me to write down that many!


Laura said...

I love your idea for next year. But maybe put some chocolates in among the papers because really, that is a happy surprise. I especially love your night vs. day picture of the wooden man. Funny. I take it either a) Karl does not read the blog or b) has a short memory.

Anonymous said...

you kill me with your cute love-sy things you and karl do!!! stay that way! -tk