Thursday, May 26, 2011

Woodland Critter Christmas: More Edibles

One of my siblings is gluten-free, one is allergic to dairy, and one is vegan, so it can sometimes be hard to find foods that everyone can eat (veggie curry with coconut milk is our fallback). But it won't be hard during Woodland Critter Christmas, thanks to trail mix! I'm thinking maybe a make-your-own-trail-mix bar.

I've always I (and I mean always... I've got the toddler birthday party photos to prove it) had a thing for nut cups. How could you not? They're so adorable and versatile. I can't think of a more perfect way to serve trail mix. Note to self: start scoping out the cutest nut cups you can find.

This is not trail mix or nut cup related, but it's a little piece of Woodland inspiration as the season tiptoes closer and closer. Can't you see it tied around white candles, or wrapped around packages?

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Laura said...

I love how into this you are. And the ribbon. Don't forget chocolate chips for your trail mix.