Thursday, May 5, 2011

'Tweens Have More Fun... don't they?

I have a display unit at work that houses the new 'tween fiction and nonfiction. It's fabulous-- the perfect spot to display all of our new goodies. Most upper elementary kids go straight to this shelf to find the latest and greatest titles for checkout. When I ordered the display unit, I was very specific: I wanted a slatwall panel for displaying a few books face-out (awesome; they fly off the shelves... can we re-do the entire library in slatwall?) and a bulletin board on one end for promotional posters, newsy items, and just plain fun. Turns out I'm not so great at creating promotional posters, newsy items, or just plain fun. I'm good at making one thing and leaving it up for a long time. Then when I take it down, I'm really good at letting the bulletin board sit empty for a while. That was the case earlier in the week, until yesterday when I decided it was time to put something up. This (don't laugh) is what I came up with:

Yes, those letters are cut out of discarded dictionary pages. And yes, that posterboard is full of thumbtack holes from being re-used. But no, the bulletin board isn't empty anymore... that's the good news.

'Tweens really do have more fun... but you'd never know it by this excruciatingly boring poster.

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Laura said...

at least tweens are reading! From listening to how people talk you'd think that anyone under 21 does not even know where to find a library or how to read something that is not online or a video game!