Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ten on Ten: May 2011

Sweet score from the library book sale :: Getting ready for storytime :: Storytime cleanup :: The city's can-struction team, building a chair out of canned goods for a contest later in the week (this was our trial run and it went really well! Look out, other teams!) :: A treat for my awesome volunteer whose last day was today... somehow this managed to sit uneaten on my desk all day! :: 'Tween knitters in my hat workshop show off their handiwork :: I got home to find my wonderful husband working in the yard (he doesn't always have that cheesy smile on his face... only when I say, "Smile really big!") :: His big accomplishment this week, clearing out tons and tons of bluebells from our backyard (They're weeds! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!) :: The seeds in our garden boxes are sprouting! Hello, spinach, lettuce, and herbs! :: An evening swim

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Anonymous said...

The baby seedlings are adorable! I wish I had the patience to plant seeds.

Karina said...

Looks like you had a busy day - loving your soon to be garden crop.