Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Christmas Prep... a little early

Karl and I were at my mom's house recently, and my little sister was paging through a British home and garden magazine (Mom, don't throw that magazine away!). She spotted an adorable wool mouse paperweight. It was something like these:

Cute, huh? We had to fight our initial impulse to create one on-the-spot because we were short on time, but the little mouse paperweight in that magazine has become the inspiration for what is sure to be the best holiday season ever. Last year, we celebrated with "Holiday Thai-dings: Christmas in the Peanut Gallery" which of course was delicious. Two years ago, our theme was "Feliz Navidad: A Mexican Christmas." Nothing like three kinds of enchiladas to get you in the holiday spirit! But this year, we've got the theme to end all themes and I cannot wait to start working on it:

Woodland Critter Christmas

Can you even imagine all the fun we're going to have crafting woodland critter ornaments, gifts, and food? I've already gone through my knitting books and marked the patterns for squirrels, mice, foxes, and bears, and I may have ordered one teensy little thing today... well, okay, two things...

Pewter buttons from my favorite online knitting shop. Don't they just scream Woodland Critter? Perfect.


Laura said...

Sounds like a fun Christmas to me! Our first Christmas without Grandpa is going to involve traveling to some new and exciting location. But maybe after that we can jump on your theme wagon. We're going to have to change up our traditions for sure.

Kate said...

Okay, I have to know what you are planning on eating. Is Karl going to hunt some woodland creatures for you? Maybe a venison roast? Sorry, maybe that's morbid. You could have stuff that woodland creatures eat....like awesome salads and fruit pies....Mmmmm. Can we come to Christmas at your house?

Kerri said...

Those mice are absolutely darling!