Saturday, May 14, 2011

We CAN Do It!

Last week I was on a CAN-struction team with other city workers. It was part of a huge canned food drive for a local charity. A bunch of teams from different organizations in the area competed to see who could build the most amazing structure out of canned goods. Here's a photo of our platform as we started to build in the morning.

And here is our finished product:

It's a chair and an ottoman, in case you couldn't tell. Our structure was significantly lamer than some of the others because we followed the rules, which stated that you weren't allowed to use structural supports. Humph. We didn't end up with a prize (though I unofficially gave us the "Rule Followers of the Year" award), but it was lots and lots of fun. Here are some of the other structures. See if you can spot their supports! None in ours, thank you very much.

Stamp out hunger... get it?... STAMP....

It's Cinderella's castle! It lit up, and Cinderella and the prince are even in attendance. Do you see them down towards the bottom, in the middle of the upside-down V?

Bunsen and Beaker... Karl and I agreed that this was our favorite.

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Laura said...

These are totally awesome and I love that you participated. And that you are a rule follower. The rule followers of the year is an extremely important prize. Way to go!