Friday, August 13, 2010

Knit Kits!

At the library, our summer reading program (also known as the nonstop 8-week whirlwind) has ended, so we're getting ready for fall. I'm so excited to start up my 'tween knitting group again! Last year, it was a drop-in group for anyone age 8-12. It was great, but a lot of needles and yarn walked out the door, never to be seen again. This year, I'm structuring the group more like a class, with registration and limited enrollment. The class is capped at twelve kids, so I'm putting together twelve Knit Kits. And it is SO FUN! Can I please put together Knit Kits full-time? Seriously. I just ordered these:

And these:

The small pouches are to hold all of the notions that usually swim around at the bottom of knitting bags. I cannot wait to fill up the kits with yarn, needles, and other tools!

One really awesome thing about teaching knitting to 'tweens (cringe... I hate that word) is that they are so good at it. They really are. I taught one girl a couple of weeks ago, and she came back two weeks later with a shoulder purse and a matching coin purse-- including a buttonhole, purling, and decreasing! WHAT?! It took me at least four years to learn all that. These kids are amazing. Plus it's really cool to see them interact. At first, they're all shy and quiet because they don't know each other, but pretty soon they've got all kinds of inside jokes, and you'd never know they hadn't grown up together.

Let the knitting begin!


Anonymous said...

Amanda that kit is so awesome! Can I be in your class? How


AndiMae said...

I wish I could come to your class! I have the BEST memories of you teaching me how to knit- you have an endless supply of patience, that's for sure! :)

P.S. Got the KIT! We are counting down the days until the big reveal! Email me what we owe you!

P.P.S. Would have loved so much to go out for Thai with you guys the other night. One of these days we will get to meet that man of yours :)