Wednesday, December 30, 2009

January Give-Away!

When I was at my mom's, I dug up a bunch of old stuff from the basement. One of the items I found was this box, addressed to my brother and sister. I sent it when I lived in Tuntutuliak, Alaska, a little fishing village where I taught fourth grade for a year before going to grad school.

It inspired me to put together a kid kit of sorts for one lucky reader. The kid kit will include:

A set of five Trapp Family cards with envelopes.

This one says, "Mrs. Trapp in Family Living Room."

Secretary's hand cleaner in convenient single-serve packages.

And possibly some other items.

To enter, leave a comment or send me an email telling me your favorite song, character, or part from The Sound of Music. My favorite part is the puppet show... or maybe when the children are in the trees... or when Maria comes back... no, it's the Austrian folk dance!


Anonymous said...

Oh My God. I know this is greedy, since I won the give away jackpot with my Christmas present, but I love give aways, and the sound of music!

Ironically enough, I just watched the Sound of Music and my favorite scene, by far, is the Lonely Goatherd song/puppet show. Part of the reason I love it so much? Julie Andrews does a semi-parody of it on the Muppet Show in Season two. Julie Andrews Rocks. The Muppets Rock. Julie Andrews on the Muppet Show just blows my mind.


Anna said...

Teaching the kids to sing! How much fun would that have been? "When you learn the notes to sing, you can sing most anything!"

Julie Andrews rules.

AndiMae said...

Oh, my goodness! How could I possibly pick a favorite? I love that movie so much! I think I am just going to copy what I wrote on my blog awhile back...

My top five favorite Sound of Music moments:

01. When the Captain and Uncle Max and the Baroness see the "local urchins" playing in the trees, completely unaware that they are their kids. Oh, and when the Captain hears the kids sing for the first time, still dripping wet from falling in the river

02. "My Favorite Things"

03. Seeing the kids in their play clothes made from Maria's curtains, skipping around in the mountains singing "Doe a Deer"

04. "So Long, Farewell"

05. The escape into the mountains. When I was a kid on hikes with my family, I remember always pretending like I was a van Trapp child, fleeing into the Alps.

{it really was too difficult to narrow it down to five, because there are so many other moments I love...}

#1 Least favorite moment from The Sound of Music:

The Reverend Mother singing "Climb Every Mountain". It still bores me to tears!

Followed closely by:

"I Must Have Done Something Good". I don't think I have ever watched this song from start to finish. I just can't stand it for some reason!

I love you, sweet friend!