Thursday, December 3, 2009

Give-Away Reminder

There's still time to enter the December Give-Away! Put on your poetry hat and send in your BSC tribute!


Caitrin said...

I hate your give away BSC thing this month.

ErinM said...

I'm with Caitrin. BSC was after my time.

Amanda said...

Oh please. Like you two are so old and mature.

ErinM said...

*huff* We, like, so totally are!

(Good Lord that was hard to type!)


Anonymous said...

To Stacey McGill from Claudia Kishi, a haiku

Mathelete and true friend

No candy can you ever eat

Still so sweet are you

PS all you guys suck--the BSC is AWESOME! Sorry this is late Amanda dear....I hope I can still make it in the contest :)

ErinM said...

Babysitters Club
I never knew who you were
All after my time

Whoo hoo! I wrote a haiku!