Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well Hello Again

You know what I am in love with? Google Reader. If you have gmail and you don't use Google Reader, you are missing out. I like to read a few blogs here and there. Before I discovered Google Reader, I was checking the blogs using the "favorites" tool on my web browser. And it was so disappointing when there were no updates. But with Google Reader, I just click once and it tells me which blogs on my list have been updated since the last time I logged in. So easy. So fast. And so not disappointing.

In other news... I forgot my camera. Otherwise you would be seeing pictures of the cookie decorating party/open house we had on Saturday. We had more than 50 people come to visit, decorate cookies, sit by the fire, eat snacks, and drink wine. That's right, 50 people in our tiny little house. Not all at one time, thankfully! It was perfect because a lot of our friends hadn't seen the house yet.

Today is Karl's last day of the semester! This is the first of two semesters of the LPN program. I'm so proud of him for working hard this year. I know he's anxious to be finished. I'm secretly planning a special dinner to celebrate his last day: beef tenderloin and these delicious potatoes. Maybe I'll also grab some fresh asparagus on my way home.

And maybe... just maybe... I'll remember my camera tomorrow, so I can show you some snapshots of the Struckmeyer household in full Christmas spirit!

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shazam said...

That potato recipe sounds amazing. I've never really had roasted garlic, so do let us know by a new blog post how they were, and if they were too garlicky!!