Friday, May 28, 2010

Mexico Getaway

We're back from our vacation/belated honeymoon in Mexico! It was lots of fun, and so beautiful.

We walked on the Malecon (the boardwalk) a lot. It's right on the beach, and there are sculptures and shops all along the way.

We also went on an all-day sailing trip, out to the Marietas Islands, a nature preserve. There, we snorkeled and had a picnic on the boat.

The beaches were gorgeous. It was really easy to take the local bus, so we explored some out-of-town beaches, which were beautiful and mellow.

We also visited the Puerto Vallarta Zoo. It was... questionable. At least they had signs up reminding patrons not to introduce their hands to certain animals. Karl and I did not introduce our hands or any other body parts to any of the animals.

See how close I was to this giraffe?! I wasn't even using the zoom on my camera. I actually thought it was going to bite me. Like I said: Questionable.

Our hotel was lovely and not at all questionable. These are the doors leading out to our balcony, where we did a lot of reading, knitting, and breakfasting. We also had a little kitchen, which was great.

There was a nice pool on the roof. You can see the ocean from here!

There was a mango tree on the roof too... so cool.

We liked staying in town, rather than at an all-inclusive. It gave us the chance to explore and visit a lot of local places.

The food was really amazing. This picture was taken at a hilltop restaurant on our last night. We had lots of fresh seafood and Mexican specialties, all of which were delicious.
We did end up coming home five days early. We had planned to stay in Puerto Vallarta for 15 days. We shortened our trip so that we could spend some time together at home and do some things we've wanted to do. So far, we've gone camping (on a Wednesday night! Scandalous!), done some organizing (this might not sound like a vacation activity to some people, but keep in mind that I'm a librarian... I love to organize), spent a day at the lake, and started building our garden containers. Karl is a serious woodworker, so these containers are going to be amazing. I can't wait to plant our little seedlings and hopefully harvest some vegetables later this summer!
It is so nice to just have time with Karl to do anything we want to do... or nothing. It's been a long time since we had luxurious days like this with no to-do lists (well, okay, we did make a list, but it's purely optional) and no schedules. I love it!


AndiMae said...

I'm so glad that you guys had such a relaxing vacation- in Mexico + at home! It all sounds so perfect! And your pictures of Mexico are beautiful- I would love so much to take a trip like that with Erik!

P.S. I think we need to schedule a phone date after I get all moved- I miss you!!

Anna said...

I can't wait to hear more stories! Looks like you guys had such a great adventure.

Leslie said...

wait.. what... you and Andi girl know each other..... what a small world.. seriously... I love that lady something fierce...

and yeah 15 days is an awful lot...
we enjoyed puerta vallarta for 10, but we were ready to go home after that...

and I still dream of going back to Premierre in August, in the rainy season... and do the canopy again.. I really enjoyed it a lot... oh and my new groom too, maybe for our 10 year.