Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Camper

Karl and I went camping at Devil's Lake on Wednesday night. It was so awesome. I love camping. I couldn't stop smiling the entire time. I woke up in the morning and I was smiling.

I used to camp all the time. I worked for five summers as a wilderness canoe guide in the Boundary Waters, and I miss it so much. We don't get to go very often now, and I relish every second Karl and I get to spend setting up camp, sleeping in the tent, and cooking over a fire.

We usually make hobo dinners for supper. We make pouches out of tinfoil and fill them with vegetables, then cook them on the grate.

The secret is getting a really good seal on the tinfoil, so the steam stays inside and cooks everything.

Whose hobo dinner do you think has the best seal: mine (the rectangle) or Karl's (the blob)?

Check out the steam action on that rectangle! It's so poofy, like a steam-filled pillow. The seal must be really tight.

I'm not bragging, of course. I'm just saying that the secret's in the seal!


jennyj said...

love this post :) it makes me happy and i'm not even camping.

Anonymous said...

So I got to thinking about hobo packets (which I love) after reading your post and I made one on the grill. I did not know the trick to keep in steam. And it worked!...but too well, my stuff got burned inside!! So wilderness do you know when a hobo pack is done? Especially with meat inside? I plan to try again soon!