Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Give-Away

I'm having a Cinco de Mayo give-away, but there's no entering this time. I'm going to make it even easier than that. If you have ever posted a comment on our blog, you're automatically entered! So just sit back and relax, and have a happy Cinco de Mayo. The give-away prize is a vintage dish towel with a Mexican motif (pictured above), a Dulce de Lece flavored treat, and perhaps some other little goodies. Oh, and if you are the winner and I already have your address, I'm just going to mail this to you... you won't even know it's coming! If I don't have your address, I'll have to ruin the surprise and ask you. Ole!

1 comment:

Lia said...

Amanda! Elsworth and I were so excited to receive your package yesterday! When we saw it was from you I said, "I bet we won the Cinco de Mayo Give-Away!" and we had! We loved all the goodies and I must say, the dulce de leche cookies were SO delicious and they were gone after being open for 4 hours (and we were gone for 3 of those hours...oops)! Thanks so much and Happy Cinco de Mayo to you and Karl!