Monday, January 11, 2010

Ten on Ten: January

1. I just learned that dry beans are five times cheaper than canned! Here's my latest batch, bound for a pot of chili later in the day.
2. A can of olives I found in the pantry, marked with a #8 from a food give-away party my friend Bridget had before moving to Portland. They went in the chili too.
3. The view out our front window. That lump on the snow is our Christmas tree, waiting for pick-up.
4. The hippo I'm knitting.
5. Getting ready to pack for the American Library Association conference in Boston this weekend.
6. Our kitchen table, ready for lunch. You can see the laundry chute on the wall... so convenient for dirty kitchen towels!
7. My new plates from Anthropologie, drying after lunch.
8. Taking a break from reading (Harriet the Spy).
9. Our bathroom floor- one of my favorite things about our house! Nice and clean, thanks to my husband!
10. There he is, queuing up an episode of The Office for us to watch before bed.

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ErinM said...

I didn't hear you were going to Boston! Have fun!