Thursday, August 27, 2009

What the World Needs Now

I would just like to say that the world really needs a couple of books for kids (2nd-4th grade-ish) about motion-sensor lights. We have one of those lights in the downstairs hallway of the library, which leads to the program room. So in the middle of any given program, the hallway light usually turns off. And the kids love it. I mean LOVE it. They get really excited, and then of course they have to all walk out into the hallway together to see if it will turn back on. And it does. Every time. And the kids go bananas: "How did that happen?!" "Oh my gosh, it knows we're out here!" "We turned the light on without even trying!" "Do you think it would go on if we came out to the hallway and we were very, very quiet?"

That is exactly the kind of enthusiasm librarians like to latch onto by suggesting books... too bad there aren't any kids' books about motion-sensor lights. Would someone please write one? Thanks.

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Andrea said...

You guys need to take a field trip to my office building. All the lights are on motion sensors. I love Fridays when everybody is on vacation and the hallway lights keep shutting off. And my office is special and I have to wave my arms over my head every morning to get my light to turn on - normal movement just won't do it.