Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Karl has done a phenomenal job hauling everything over to our new house! Here's the state of the basement right now:

Luckily, I packed a suitcase with my shower stuff and clothes, so at least I can locate those!

This is the label on my favorite box of all. "Little People- Handle with extreme care." Speaking of Little People, I went to a flea market on Sunday with my friend Rebecca, and I scored a barn that moos for $10 (I already have a barn, but this one came with lots of animals, so I couldn't turn it down), and the parking garage/service station, which I have always wanted, also for $10. I was very proud of myself because I actually passed up lots of Little People that were for sale. Can you believe it?

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shazam said...

oh man, that garage/service station was awesome! i hope my mom still has mine! i played with that thing all the time. greg and i actually shopped for little people stuff this weekend too which is on his niece's bday list! unfortunately the little people now are huge, and not nearly as cool!