Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some People Are Just Naturally Talented

I know you've been dying to see my Luster Lace creations. Here they are...

The Candy Cane (I can't wait to put it on our Christmas tree!)

Two basic keychains/zipper pulls. The top one is the square stitch, and the bottom one is the round stitch.

A one-becomes-two looped keychain (I made that name up). See how I started with one strand and made it into two? Perfect for people who want to hang up their keys.


Caitrin said...

I hope you are going to hang it on that joke of a christmas present i sent you last year - the key ring thing!

Laura said...

I can teach you how to make a fish out using the square stitch! And we called it gimp...probably not PC anymore. Love, Laura Lazewski