Thursday, August 13, 2009

Garage Sale Score

Last week I went to a church garage sale, and I found this:

You are probably thinking, "So what?" Well let me tell you. I have a very raggedy Snoopy from when I was a baby. I slept with it until I got married (I still sleep with it when Karl's gone). And when I was little, I had a few outfits for Snoopy. I had a pair of leiderhosen that I loved (complete with tail hole), blue pajamas with a stocking cap, and a pair of overalls. They were from the same line as the item pictured above, which, when I bought it, I thought was just the Snoopy Chinese outfit. Don't blame me for calling it that-- that's the official name of it. I know because that paper insert is actually a fold-out catalog of all of the Snoopy outfits. That catalog alone was worth the fifty cents (but I probably would have paid fifty dollars for it). So like I was saying, I thought I was buying just the Chinese outfit. And it was the Chinese outfit...

And the English outfit...

And the French outfit! Ooh la la!

Seriously. Can you believe my luck? I was basically jumping up and down with joy. And Snoopy will be, too, once I get him to do a style show for me in the new duds.

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Ardrea said...

That's so awesome! Totally a great find. Snoopy will have a great time playing fashion show with you.