Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 29

There is this one really cool girl who I see all the time.  We have a bunch of friends in common, and she and I work in the same town.  She wears cool outfits and has awesome hair.  She could basically be a model.  Only cooler.  Her outfits really are amazing.  And seriously I see her at least twice a month.  Today I'm thankful that she doesn't recognize me.  I saw her at the co-op when I went at lunchtime.  I was looking totally dumpy (due to a series of events that we won't discuss here, I was wearing two sweaters and a fleece) and Thursday is a swimming day so my hair is super stringy.  And I was (as usual) in a hurry.  She was leisurely considering the pomegranates; she's cool enough to have extra time at the grocery store.  Unlike someone with stringy hair and a ridiculously bulgy fleece who was hurriedly shoving bulk salad mix into a plastic bag.  And of course she chose the pomegranates to pore over. Of course. Because what would be cooler? Nothing, that's what. 

So thank goodness she doesn't know me... yet.  I want to be looking my coolest when I finally actually meet her. 

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Laura said...

Oh my goodness, I love your cool girl posts. Although please know I consider you a total cool girl. I can't wait to hear how the story unfolds!