Friday, August 3, 2012

Snip Snap!

Every night lately, I'm tuned in to the Olympics from 7-11pm.  It's hard for me to break away (I almost skipped yoga yesterday to watch, but the event was men's volleyball, so I did end up actually exercising instead of watching someone else be athletic).  Monday, though, I took a loooong break from the Olympics and headed to Carissa's Needlereads class.  We made snappy bags!  They're adorable, and they're so quick to make that I managed to make two!

Squeeze the sides to open it up, then close by letting go.  When it closes, you'll hear a SNAP!  Guess what we used for the closure? 

A measuring tape!  You know how they SNAP back into place?  Perfect!

They were so much fun to make, I almost didn't care about missing the Olympics!


Desiree said...

I love those snap bags! Too cute!

jennyj said...

so fun! i want the directions.. just cut up a measuring tape and insert?