Friday, August 24, 2012

Secretly, We Like Cheesy Folk Music.

You may remember the walking-down-the-aisle song fiasco and the subsequent sweet solution cooked up by my husband.  If you don't, here's the short version: Our musician played the wrong song while I was walking down the aisle.  But a few days later, Karl dragged me to a bar in the middle of nowhere.  The guy who originally wrote the song I was supposed to walk down the aisle to was playing there, and Karl had emailed him ahead of time to ask him to play that song.  Also, we got to have a beer with him. 

The same guy (Bill Staines) played near Madison last weekend.  Of course we had to go.  We may have been the youngest people in the audience.  But it was so much fun!  And he played the walking-down-the-aisle song.  It's possible that I cried a little bit. 

Afterwards, we stopped at a vintage shop where I picked up a tablecloth for $1.  Plus did I mention the concert was free?  It was.  All that fun- a concert and a vintage tablecloth- for only one dollar!  Lucky us. 

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