Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Channeling Niecy Nash

Every year I say the same thing: "This is our last yard sale ever."  And somehow, by the time the next yard sale season rolls around, we've accummulated enough extra stuff to have another sale. 

This year, my mom, five friends and I joined forces to host basically the best yard sale ever.  We sold a lot of treasures, including a lawn mower, a bunch of yarn, tons of books, a surprising amount of clothing, a small card catalog, and lots more.  But somehow, nobody picked up my childhood dollhouse.  Maybe it was the price tag that said "Make an Offer!"  People in Madison hate making offers.  Just kidding- I just made that up to make myself feel better.  It was still left at the end of the sale, and there was no way I was bringing it back in the house (our house is under 1000 square feet, and I'm sorry, I'm not devoting any of those feet to a dollhouse), so here's what happened:

I love this kind of thing!  It's like a little mystery... who will the new owner be?  Who will live in the dollhouse?  Where will it end up? 

This little kitty from the Free Pile also didn't get claimed... it became a package deal with the dollhouse.  

This guy drove up about three seconds later.  I was overjoyed at the chance to watch part of the mysterious adventure unfold. 

He said he was picking it up for his 8-year-old sister, who has always wanted a dollhouse. 

Watching the little house be driven away, I felt an incredible lightness... and then I went in the house and started identifying items we can sell next year.  Never mind the fact that this was our last sale ever. 


Kate said...

I am so glad it found a great home! I am also super happy you got to see who picked it up. My favorite part? That the bonus critter from the free pile got a new home too.
Hurray for garage sales!

Desiree said...

Very happy ending and new beginning to a a childhood toy :)

Case said...