Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nine on Ten: March

1. Our seeds are in! We planted them one week ago.
2. Check out those spinach plants!
3. I fit in a few minutes of banjo practice in the morning, bringing my total practice time for 2012 up to four hours (which I'm actually pretty proud of).
4. A little present to myself, purchased Friday night after a very rough day.
5. I had to work all day, but when I got home I found a fun bag of vintage Christmas decorations from Karl's parents.
6. Included was a Kmart bag and reciept from 1984, which I loved. Karl tried to throw it away. Not a chance!
7. We started a fire...
8. Karl made pizza...
9. And we settled in for a cozy night.


Laura said...

that looks like a very nice day! And that pizza looked amazing.

Case said...

What is your banjo goal? I forgot again. 20 hours?

TK said...

I love your life!