Friday, September 16, 2011

This is why I'm not allowed in thrift stores.

Today I had to drive to Portage, a town about an hour away, for a work meeting. I grabbed my ipod, loaded with a very addicting audiobook, and headed out.

After the meeting, I really had no choice but to stop at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Portage. And then at the St. Vinnie's Dig and Save when I got back in to Madison. I don't drive very often (usually I'm on my bike or the bus), so this was a rare chance for me to fill up our little car with thrifted goodies. It's a good thing our car is small, because I was really on a roll today and very nearly tried to tie a humongous hutch onto the canoe rack. It's such a darling hutch. I might go back tomorrow to see if it's still there.

Want to see what I brought home?

I know a little girl who calls these "corners."

There's a fine line between need and... well, it doesn't matter. I needed this globe.

Just in case our current tent ever malfunctions. Now we have a backup. Plus we might have kids someday and they'll want to play with a tent in the yard.

Lately I've been drooling over projects like this one. Soon the hideous light fixture in our guest room will be replaced by a work of art by yours truly. And even if it doesn't turn out to be as gorgeous as I imagine, it can't be any worse than what we've got in there right now.

Another project-to-be. I'm seeing blue paint... maybe I can use the same color on the light fixture and the table. Hey, what's that on top of the table? Is that a mug? Yes, yes it is. Why on Earth would a girl who already owns one million mugs need another one? I can't answer that. All I can say is that they regularly call to me from thrift store shelves and garage sale tables.

Come on. It has smiling lemons on it.

I've been thinking about trying pressure canning, but I didn't want to make a huge investment. Problem solved. And this is the second white enamel stockpot I've found this summer. This one might become a give-away for some lucky blog reader... since I've done so many give-aways this year (zero).

An embroidered tablecloth! My dream kitchen is red and aqua... this will fit right in. In twelve years when we actually get around to creating that dream kitchen.

In the course of taking these pictures, I managed to knock down our blinds and almost poke a huge hole in the couch. That will not surprise any of you. Just thought you should know. xo


nichole said...

I... just... bought that same mug at St. Vinnie's. My grandma had one, for coffee with her Chesterfields.

Laura said...

This post made me smile and the poking the eye out with the blinds make me laugh for real. I love your finds and am so glad to see them in person. After looking at the picture of the lamp all done I see your vision. Can't wait to see the reality!

Case said...

I LOVE that table cloth SO cute!

Sherry said...

It seems to me that everyone needs a standing globe and some smiling lemons. And now you have them both.

I thought I'd visit all of my fellow Cybils panelists and say hello. So hi. I'm looking forward to working together.

Elsworth said...

That old pressure canner (or whatever it is) looks dangerous. Please don't blow up the house. I could get you a new, safe version for Christmas...

TK said...

I love that tablecloth!