Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spinach, please!

Over the weekend, I made palak paneer (Indian curried spinach) in the slow cooker using a recipe from this cookbook. It was amazing. Possibly the best food our kitchen has ever produced. Delicious, yes, but not cheap, because it called for two pounds of spinach. Organic spinach runs $7.00 a pound right now. But after one taste of the dish, I knew it was worth every penny. Because it was so so so delicious, and because I'm cheap, and because I like digging in dirt, I planted one of our garden boxes on Sunday.

There it is! It's a combination of spinach, lettuce, and three herbs. I'm mainly excited for the spinach so I can make palak paneer again.

The other garden box will be getting tomato plants and possibly some other surprises. I don't have much of a green thumb, so we're starting small and hoping for better results than last year.


Laura said...

I hope your garden boxes produce much amazing food. I am so impressed you are gardening. The idea of doing that makes me sick - I love the end result, the idea of it, but not actually getting dirty, weeding and dealing with mosquitoes.

Anonymous said...

My raised beds didn't do so hot last year either, so I'm hoping my garden will produce more this year!

Find someone with a Costco membership, organic spinach is only $4/lb there! :) -tk