Monday, April 18, 2011

Pa rum pa pum pum

You might not know that I love drummerboy quarters. Every time I find one, I put it in a special box. Well, the box itself isn't that special; it's an old shoebox-sized plastic number that I probably got to hold toiletries in college or something. But now it collects my drummerboy quarters. I don't know why I like them; I just do. I don't name them or set up dioramas with them or stare at them for hours or have conversations with them. I just like to keep them when I find them, that's all. A few months back, something mildly tragic happened that reminded me to always check every single quarter (because clearly I'm not obsessive enough). I was at the car wash, and I had paid in cash. The cashier handed me my change in bills and coins, and I automatically put all of the coins into the tip box. The clear acrylic tip box. Of course I looked in too late and saw that one of the coins I had deposited was a drummerboy quarter! Lesson learned.


Elsworth said...

What a weird coincidence…I save drummer boy quarters, too. Once Abigail used a bunch of mine to do laundry at college and I was so annoyed.

Case said...

You two are weird. I think you are secretly obsessing over the ripped drummer boy/man. I have never even seen a drummer boy quarter. But if you come across some state quarters minted in Philadelphia Macie still needs quite a few for her collection (it is easier to find the Dever ones in CO). She has a book that the quarters snap into - not an old box - clearly a dire hard quarter collector:)