Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Oh actually I meant Etsy. I have it in my head to set up an Etsy shop. I've managed to accumulate approximately 57,000 totally awesome vintage books. And honestly, I don't need all of them... just maybe 570 of them. So I can get rid of 99 percent of my collection, right? Here are a couple of super-sweet examples that are going to be listed:

Seriously, how could you not want to read this? The drama... the leotards (or whatever she's wearing)... It just calls to me.

Recognize the pictures? If so, you may have been a fan of some of Barbara Bottner's other books as a child... like Myra, for example (my personal favorite).

How about this beaut?

It's even signed by the author! You can't see that in this picture, though, because, uh, I forgot to take a picture of the page with the signature on it... oops.

As long as I'm setting up a shop, I may as well throw in a few vintage toys. I scored these Playskool puzzles at a recent church rummage sale. I thought I needed them. But I don't have kids; I don't need them. Someone in etsyville does, though... I'm sure of it.

I'll let you know how shop set-up goes! I better take some more pictures and invest in some padded envelopes to mail all of the books I'm going to sell!

Note to family members: Please calm down. Everything going in my etsy shop is from book sales, yard sales, and thrift stores, not from Mom's house.


Laura said...

You are going to have the coolest Etsy shop ever.

Dr.Shazam said...

Will you accept checks, credit cards, or fresh produce in trade?

Anonymous said...

Joys divided are increased.