Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We Be Jammin'

Monday evening was nice and cool... perfect for making strawberry jam!

I washed the jars and lids...

and got all of the equipment ready. That shallow, dark pan is perfect for keeping jars hot in an inch or two of water.

What do you think of my new magnet board above the stove? It's actually a vintage tray; I got the idea here. It's very handy for hanging recipes (that's the jam recipe on it in this picture) while cooking.

Recipes and other things, that is. All you jam makers out there know that a watch with a second hand is necessary for the process.

Three batches later:


Elsworth said...

While the tray/magnet setup is really cute, I think it's kind of a fire hazard. What if you're happily making jam and the recipe slips off and falls on a hot burner? A fire, that's what. I guess it's okay if you use really strong magnets, but keep an eye on it. I was the fire marshal at school, remember? Just be careful.

Caitrin said...

1. Fire Marshall? seriously?? I once got in trouble with the Fire Marshall. He came in to my office and saw a candle burning on my destk and said "Is that open flammage?" And then he gave us a warning ticket.

2. Can that jam please please pretty please be my Christmas present? As in the whole batch? Macie and I went through our jar by the second week in Jan this year. said...

Love your magnet board! It looks adorable.

In response to your comment--we DO have something like Farm Chicks here...It's called Junk Bonanza and it's at Cantebury Downs in Shakopee MN in Sept. Really really fun. :)

Elsworth said...

Caitrin, I was a fire marshal in the dorms for two and a half years, and I loved every moment of it. I am currently the Assistant Emergency Responder for my floor at work.

I can't believe you would have an open flame on your desk. I recommend the flameless battery-powered candles or a fake candle made out of a paper towel tube.

Caitrin said...

No Way! What are the exact duties of an Assistant Emergency Responder?

Im sticking with open flammage and Acer, you should keep the fire hazard (but stong magnets are a good idea)