Friday, June 11, 2010

Ten on Ten: June

First things first, Tangram calendar::Cart of prize books for Summer Reading Program::To Do list::Prep for 'Tween Knitting Club::Snacks for hungry knitters (not the healthiest, I know)::First CSA share of the season!::Basil plants from our CSA farm::Supper made from fresh CSA veggies::The view from my seat at book club on the Memorial Union Terrace::Book Clubbers!


Alysha (Supermom) said...

Great set. Looks like such a fun day... I will totally take a basil plan!!! :) Happy Friday!!

Laura said...

I love your 10 on 10! I especially love the prize book cart. What kid does not love a prize? Or adult, for that matter. The "healthy" snacks were for sure a hit. And book club? We look great. Hopefully it'll be warmer this Thursday!