Monday, June 21, 2010


1. Sometimes, things happen just at the right time. This morning, I was thinking of my friend Jenny while I was slicing some fennel for a salad. The mailman came shortly after, bringing me a lovely handmade card from none other than Jenny. The card features a particularly wonderful photo of me during our freshman year of college. I will not be sharing that photo here. Or anywhere. In the photo (which was taken 15 years ago, mind you), we are at the mall. Enough said.

2. This weekend, I went to my mom's house. We canned 53 jars of jam. Mainly strawberry, but also some strawberry-rhubarb and strawberry-blueberry.

3. I am starting to fall out of love with Ree Drummond/The Pioneer Woman. But don't tell anyone I said that.


Caitrin said...

1. Wait... Freshman year long weekend at the Waite Park Mall.. You and Annie with your bike helmets due to lack of transportation? Did she seriously reuse/recycle it? I just mailed that her last week. i thought for sure it would stay framed on her mantle for at least a few weeks. SHEESH?

2. Are any/all of those jars for my Christmas present?

3. Why? Dont you love dogs dogs and more dogs?

Laura said...

Wow. Love that you got the college picture, totally sad you are not going to share it! Maybe if I sneak over to your house Karl will show it to me, or I'll find it proudly displayed on your mantle.

Whoa on the jam. Who picked all the berries? Who is going to eat it all?

3. I have never understood the allure of the Pioneer Woman.