Friday, June 4, 2010

Lovely Lavender

Before Karl and I left for our trip, I spent Mother's Day morning with my mom. We went out for a scrumptious bruch at Sardine, and then we did a little shopping.

My mom bought me a special treat at L'Occitane, where I would never buy something for myself. It's just too fancy. But my mom insisted; she had bought some lavender hand cream for herself at that shop, and she loved it, and she wanted me to have some. Never mind that it was Mother's Day (not Daughter's Day).

I saved the bag (with the lotion in it) to open until after we got home from Mexico. And it was so fun... opening the beautiful bag, unwrapping the tissue paper, unfolding the end of the pretty box... I almost wanted to wrap it back up just so I could unwrap it again.

And the lotion is divine. So luxurious and wonderful. And I'm very particular about hand cream, I'll have you know. A big thank you to my mom, who knows how to choose the perfect treat. XO

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Anna said...

Awww! Whatta Mom! That's the sweetest thing I've read all day.