Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Girls' Weekend 2010

Last weekend I met up with seven friends from college for a mini-reunion in Chicago. I love these girls because we know each other so well. We met in 1995, during our freshman year, which means we've now known each other for fifteen years... and that is a long time. Most of us have lived together at some point or another, and we've cheered each other on through relationships, break-ups, babies (well, just one baby, actually), big choices, small choices, and weird phases (but not me, of course). We live all over the country now: Denver, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Jackson, WY. This means we don't get to see each other all that much, but when we do, it's so much fun. Usually there is a lot of wine, cheese, and darts. And laughing... lots and lots of laughing. This weekend was no exception. I'm not saying we laughed at the opening ceremonies, but... well, okay. We did.

We had to visit The Bean, of course! It's this really cool silver bean-shaped sculpture in Chicago. The photo above is our reflection in The Bean.

We're very serious about darts.
Ladies, it was so fun to see you all! Can't wait for GW2011!


Caitrin said...

Man we do look serious. But I guess you have to - Carrie and I are just that good (only wrote that becasue Keller will never check this!

I had so much fun too! By looking at the post above it would seem that you did nothing but knit. YSIC, SDSDSSDA

jennyj said...

S.D.S. FY.

Caitrin said...

I HATE this texting business. It takes me so darn long to figure it out...and for the good ones Google does not help!