Monday, June 30, 2014

Nursery in Progress!

It's a miracle... we were able to somehow clear out our guest room/office/craft room/catch-all room!  We're quickly filling it up again, though... here's a little sneak peek at the nursery as it's coming together:

Book truck changing table!  

Don't worry, the card catalog isn't missing a drawer.  One drawer is with our friend Jenn, who is helping us refinish the sides and bottom of the catalog.

My mom made this beautiful alphabet flower embroidery!  

Karl did an awesome job building a closet system from scratch for the baby's closet; the paint is still drying and we have a few things to add, but let me just say that it is totally perfect and a huge improvement over the two bowed plywood shelves that were in there before.  

Soon we'll have a little person to plunk into this room!  We'd better enjoy the peace and quiet now... 

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Case said...

It must have been a busy weekend. It looks awesome!