Monday, June 16, 2014

How to Surprise Your In-Laws

We've already covered How to Surprise Your Mother, so let's move on to the in-laws.  I told Karl we could break the news about our pregnancy to his parents any way he wanted  to.  Here's what he decided (I think it's pretty cute!):

He decorated two little white onesies, one for his parents, and one for his grandmother (who recently turned 100!).  His parents had been on vacation in Florida, and when they got back to town, we wrapped up some gourmet hot cocoa as a little "welcome home" gift for them.  Karl, who is an engineer through and through, tied a piece of fishing line to the bottom of the cocoa bag, and he tied the other end to the onesie.  He buried the onesie deep in the bottom of the bag, under layers of tissue paper, so his parents would really have to dig.  

We went out for dinner with Karl's family, and we gave his parents the gift.  They were more than a little surprised when they found the onesie!  

A few days later, we visited Karl's grandmother, and we gave her the other onesie.  She immediately had us hang it up in her sunroom, and she tells us that she looks at it daily.  She's bound and determined to meet her third great grandchild!  


Laura said...

Karl's mom's face is absolutely pricless.

Julie D-G said...

I love how crafty you are. Great surprise idea!