Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Struckmeyer Elves

Karl and I are so lucky to live close to a lot of family members, including his grandmother, Helen.  She is very dear to us, and we try to do something special with her every Christmas.  She came to our house on Sunday for cookie decorating and dinnner. 

Karl and I made the cookies ahead of time...

And we put Helen to work sprinkling and sugaring them! 

 We sent her home with a big container full of her handiwork... hopefully enough to hold her over till Christmas!
After dinner, cookies, and more cookies, we had some time to relax by the fireplace.  Karl got out his guitar and we sang a few songs.  Sometimes I can't even believe how darling my husband is.

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Laura said...

You two are the coolest. And I am so glad you got that last picture of Karl and Helen. I think it's one he'll treasure always. And you, of course :).