Thursday, December 6, 2012


I don't know how it is where you live, but here in Madison, anytime there's a large gathering of people doing something kind of out of the ordinary, we like to add "Con" to the end of the title.  There's TeslaCon, GeekCon, OdysseyCon, WisCon, and, yes, SantaCon.  Last weekend, Karl and I put on our Santa gear and joined hundreds of other Santas downtown for some holiday bar hopping.   
There was a Badger game on during the first couple of stops.  Some Santas were more interested in the game than others. 

 Me with my friend and SantaCon organizer, Molli.  As you can see, I wore way too many clothes.  I'm already planning next year's outfit.  Probably not as lingerie-oriented as Molli's, but not as pajamaish as this year's get-up.  Which, by the way, I made while living in Alaska, and every time I've worn it (which has been like twice) not in Alaska, people have asked me if I'm dressed up like Mrs. Claus.  You can understand why I thought it was a good choice for SantaCon.
Also, it has been ten years since I lived in Alaska.  Perhaps it's time for me to say good-bye to that garment, now that I think about it.  But then there's the matching headband to deal with, too...
Just a bunch of Santas walking down the street.  I loved seeing people's reactions.  You're out for dinner and all of a sudden a huge group of Santas walks by.  Normal, right? 

Santas on the dance floor at a German bar/restaurant.  You can see people in the foreground trying to enjoy a nice wurst or two in peace.   Think again, diners!

My wedding photographer (but mostly now she's my friend), Sharon.  She was wearing a more appropriate amount of clothing than I was.  Not lingerie, but also not pajamas.  Must remember: no pajamas for SantaCon 2013.   

Santas on the Capitol steps, eating cupcakes being handed out by some strangers.  The woman in the front of this photo is wearing a unitard with a belt.  And rocking every inch of it.  I may have informed her that she was an inspiration to us all.  What I meant by that was "I wish I could wear a unitard."  And "I wish I weren't wearing this stupid dress/pajama thing that I made ten years ago." 

The hottest Hawaiian Santa in the crowd!  Those sunglasses originally belonged to his grandmother.  Everyone loved them.


Case said...

I personally love the pajamas.even if you were to hot.

But the bigger question is why did you make your own pajamas? Boredom or did you need them. I would have sent some to you you know.

Laura said...

I love that you made your own costume and that it made the trip to wi from Alaska. Karl's grandma rocks. And I think it is great you and Karl participated - you are so fun!