Monday, July 9, 2012

Quiet Book Sewalong: Page #7

Okay, it might look boring, but trust me... it's going to be fun!  The left side is a pocket, just the right size for a few sheets of stickers (on my shopping list!).  The right side is a clear plastic sheet, perfect for sticking, unsticking, and resticking the stickers.  I see many busy hours in this page's future!  For the plastic, Carissa suggests using freezer paper, but I am secretly pretty cheap (plus I knew I'd use one little piece of the freezer paper roll, put it in the drawer with the tinfoil, be constantly annoyed at the number of boxes in that drawer, and finally throw it away in like 27 years) so I went to the thrift store and grabbed a cheesy stationery set.  It's the kind that usually comes with round gold seals, except there were no seals in this one.  Just some old envelopes and a mediocre-looking notepad.  You know how a lot of times those sets come in clear plastic envelopes? Sometimes with velcro closures?  Well, I hacked up the clear envelope and used the biggest piece for this page.  It was about $2.25 cheaper than the freezer paper, plus I got the notepad as a bonus.  And the space in the tinfoil drawer, of course. 

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