Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yard Sale Goodies

After the farmer's market on Saturday, Karl and I hit a garage sale and scored these treasures:

This cute yellow metal cart was only $1.  How could we pass it up?

A pair of sawhorses for $2.50!  The last time we needed sawhorses, we made them and they were way more expensive than these nicely foldable ones. 

Our success at this sale further proves my new garage sale philosophy: Go on Saturday.  Skip the frantic Friday morning rush.  Chances are, other shoppers aren't looking for the same things you are, so you'll still have good stuff waiting for you on Saturday.  Plus you get a better experience-- and probably better prices. 

Karl and I weren't planning to go to any garage sales; we just happened upon this one.  As long as we're talking about garage sale philosophies, I'll mention my tried and true favorite (a girl can have more than one garage sale philosophy, right?): Follow your heart and don't overplan.  Most of the great deals I've scored have been at sales that I just kind of stumbled upon.  And when I don't feel like going to a sale but I force myself to go anyway, it's nearly always a bust.  It's almost like we have an intrinsic ability to predict which sales are right for us.  So listen to that little voice inside of you when it says, "Turn right!  There's an awesome estate sale two streets over!"

I need to write a book about garage sale techniques and philosophies.  Or maybe a pamphlet.  Or a series of pamphlets.  Yes, a series of pamphlets, definitely.


Desiree said...

I am still so jealous of your lite brite find! I so want one for my son!!
I would be interested in the pamphlets!

Laura said...

Yes, write up a pamphlet or two or ten. I love the cart!! We for sure kept the foldable sawhorses from Grandpa's garage - so practical.