Friday, June 22, 2012

Garden Update

I have never been much of a gardener.  Typically, I plant things and then they wither almost immediately.  But this year we've worked really hard, and this morning I was thrilled beyond belief when I saw a litle green bean in our terrace garden:

Do you see that?  A green bean!  A green bean, people!  It's like it just popped up overnight.  And the real magic is that we planted the green beans from seeds. 

We also have a lovely fairy tale eggplant that is flowering.  It's supposed to bear mini eggplants!  Cute, huh?

The butternut squash- also from seeds- are thriving.   

And take a look at these beauties!  One of our tomato plants is loving life right now, and the others are pretty happy, too. 

I'm also proud to report that we've frozen one batch of kale, and we had many delicious salads straight from the lettuce patch. 

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Desiree said...

That is awesome! I was just going to post our first "garden" pictures :)
We have cherry tomatoes that popped up over night.