Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garage Sale Goodies

Have I ever told you that I love Hallmark pins?  Maybe not, but I've at least hinted at it.  I'm not obsessed enough to be trolling ebay or anything, but they're one of the things I always keep an eye out for at yard sales.  So when I found this little turkey for a dime on Thursday, I snapped it up. 

I also scored this antique Swedish camping stove for $3.00.  We don't need another camping stove, but it's Swedish!  It says "SWEDEN" on it!  So obviously I had to have it.  

I also bought a Kelty child carrier (the backpack/frame kind) for $5.00 for a friend who's been looking for one.  Sweet! 

I hope your garage sale expeditions have been fruitful!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Love the pin - what do you do with them? I use little pins like that on a bulletin board. And the camping stove was obviously meant to be. Way to go on the child carrier for your friend!