Monday, August 29, 2011

Rummage Sale Finds

Karl and I hit a super sweet church rummage sale on Saturday after the farmer's market. Here's a peek at what we brought home:

  • A vintage Pyrex dish with lid (which I have already cooked dinner in, thank you very much... for $1.50, I couldn't possibly leave it there)

  • A Snoopy Christmas ornament (Ten cents! Ten cents for an ornament featuring my favorite dog ever!)

  • A Christmas tree topper (It's about time. For the past three years, we've been making weird ones out of things that really don't belong on the tops of Christmas trees. Plus it was 25 cents.)

  • A humongous tub of Tinker Toys with their original antique packaging and instructions

  • A delightful homemade laundry bag

Okay, so there's nothing in the photo that we actually needed. But the prices were awesome, so even if we just enjoy our treasures for a little while, I won't feel badly donating them or reselling them in our own yard sale. Plus it was so much fun picking things out with Karl.

But wait, there's more. Karl spotted these old puzzles and immediately fell in love. For 50 cents apiece, the bookshelf in our living room now has just the little something it needed:

Mostly I loved seeing him so happy about his finds. And so happy about displaying them on the top of the bookshelf. Yes, there is now a picture called "Last Cartridge" featuring a cowboy shooting at a bear with his dead horse at his feet in full view in our home. Why wouldn't there be?


Laura said...

I love your finds, especially the tinker toys. I used to love playing with those when I was little. And I bet that tub is worth whatever you spent on them. And the pyrex? Good work.

Julie D-G said...

Great idea for the bookshelf!

Dr.Shazam said...

Me? I'm with Karl. Seriously. If a bear did that to MY horse, I'd take up arms and make a rug out of it. Unless dropping to the ground and playing dead seemed wiser. But it makes a great vintage decoration!

Kate said...

Are there chickens on that pyrex? Sign me up for that one if it ever hits the rummage sale table again! All your finds are super cute!!

ErinM said...

Kate - let me check with my mom. I'm pretty sure she had some pyrex dishes that looked just like that, and she may still have in the cabinets. If she's not married to them, they're yours!

Also, I'd like to call dibs on the laundry bag, should that one ever be given up again!