Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

Today I drove to work (because my bike got a flat last night... ugh) so I brought along our rugs and washed them at the laundromat during my lunch break. Now the car smells like laundry soap, which I love.

I'm hoping to make pickles this weekend. We'll see what the cucumber and dill situation is at the farmer's market. I haven't made pickles in at least four years, when I lived at my old old apartment and my lovely friend Bridget came over and helped. But I have a vision for a really cute Christmas present: a jar of strawberry jam with a jar of pickles. Red and green! And usable, so the recipients won't have to find a space to store something till the end of time.

Today was Karl's last day of Chemistry class! Fingers crossed for a good grade on his exam. I better make an extra lasagna for him!

Our Summer Reading Program at the library wraps up tomorrow. Huge sigh of relief. We're all ready to move on to fall programming (including my 'tween knitting group!). Summer at the library is fun but very very busy!

Enjoy the weekend!


Laura said...

Sounds like you have been super busy! I hope the pickles turn out, and the bike. Your Christmas present idea is cute, and so great to not store everything. Now you just need to be sure the recipients give your jars back.

Laura Darling said...

A tween knitting group sounds awesome! You must have a great library!