Thursday, July 28, 2011

Woodland Critter Christmas Etsy Finds

As you probably know, we're planning a Woodland Critter Christmas at our house this year. Of coure, I've been loving collecting ideas and little items involving squirrels, acorns, hedgehogs, mice, deer, and the like. Today I was searching on etsy, just for some inspiration. It's almost August, after all, and Christmas is right around the corner! Can't let the spirit die now!

A friend who is getting married this fall (with a woodland theme! A woodland theme, people! Why didn't anyone tell me that was an option when we got married?!) told me about some cute, rustic cupcake stands she had found on etsy. I wonder if these are the same ones? I think they're perfect for our WCC, but definitely not worth $39.99. Karl could make one of these in about four seconds. And then we could use it as firewood so we wouldn't have to store it. What do you say, honey?

I kept on searching around on etsy and found these bookends. Kind of cute, but a little too cartoony for me. Oh, and there's the $160 price tag...

And then I happened upon a real treasure. One that makes you think, "Surely this is a joke." But it isn't. Check out this acorn family tree wall sticker here. It even includes four squirrels! At just $89.99, every family needs at least one.

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Laura said...

Love your finds. 1) Karl should obviously rig up some cupcake stands. And the family tree? Whoa. I think I need one for every single room of my house. I smell Christmas presents for each of my family members, too!