Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weekend in Denver

Last weekend, I went to Denver to see my friend Caitrin. We met in 1995 on a college orientation canoe trip. Here we are, fresh off the St. Croix river and ready to start our freshman year:

Last weekend, we went to see Kenny Chesney at Red Rocks. It rained the entire time. I was hoping for some serious country music people watching, but everyone was wearing ponchos and raincoats. Well, except for a few die-hards in cutoffs and tight tank tops. Caitrin made a clutch out of two trash bags to carry her phone in. Her phone is now not working. Note: do not rely on clutches made of trash bags to keep your phone dry in the pouring rain at an outdoor concert. But she did manage to get this picture:

Sweet, huh? The next day we drove around in the mountains and saw a marmot. It was super windy and cold. Caitrin's daughter, Macie, would have been just as happy to stay in the car the whole time! She was a good sport, though, and smiled for the pictures.

Like mother, like daughter... world's skinniest legs.

On Saturday, Macie had an Irish dance competition. She had a gorgeous new dress to wear. You would not believe all of the accessories and details that go in to getting ready. The hair was a huge undertaking, to say the least. But doesn't she look great?

Here she is, glueing her socks on like a good Irish dancer:

Seriously! What a heartbreaker. And it seems like she was just a teeny little baby sitting inside a pumpkin last week. How is she nine years old?!

Thanks to Caitrin's parents, we had this nice SportBrella to sit under:

Caitrin's aunt and I had a good time picking out the most hideous dresses. This one was a front-runner:

Macie in action! She was so great! She even got first place in one of her dances.

It started to rain just as the competition ended, so we scurried off for Mexican food and margaritas.

I have determined that I do not see my friends often enough. So you can all expect visits soon! xo


Laura said...

That looks like a fabulous way to spend your weekend! And I am heartbroken about the rain soaked country music fans. Those are usually the best places to check out the outfits!!

I loved the inside look at Irish dancing. Had no idea about the glue on the sock rule. Good work on picking out the worst dresses. That is a healthy way to spend the afternoon.

Kate said...

Again, so jealous about a trip to Denver! I love that you still look exactly like your 1995 picture--it's a good thing, it means you look great!

Case said...

See...Tist is the difference between you and I. You sit through an entire day of over the top Irish dancing and you post the sweetest post ever on this site. I would have been trolling the crowd for toddler and tiara moms and kids in crazy dresses and then posted a bitchy one on Lip Chip. You are the best :) I had so much fun!