Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ride the Drive

On Sunday, an event called Ride the Drive took over the city of Madison. Some of the main roads were closed to cars, and bikes rolled freely. It was glorious. I went with my go-go dance/bike group, the Greasy Gears, and we stopped along the route to perform. We've got a sound system that we pull in a bike trailer (the kind you put kids in) and a few spiffed-up bikes. Here's a little peek:

Dancing go-go in front of the Capitol

Fancy schmancy glitter bike (and my fishnetted legs in the background!)

Taking a break for a group photo

Messin' with the cops... as usual.

I have:

a. Never worn such a short skirt in public before, and

b. Never had so much fun before.

If you're in Madison, be on the lookout for a turquoise and silver glittery streak... it could be the Greasy Gears!


Elsworth said...

Your new group kind of reminds me of the book cart drill team...flashy colors, hip moves, and lots of posed pictures.

Kate said...

You looked so, so, so awesome!!

Kate said...
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