Friday, February 4, 2011


We had a huge blizzard on Tuesday night. Karl and I sat in front of the fire and watched the trees outside blowing like crazy late into the night. It was all very cozy... until the next morning, when we had to deal with all of the snow. On Wednesday, the library was closed and Karl's classes were cancelled, so we had all day. Thankfully.

My husband really, truly is the best ever. I went on a nice long cross-country ski around town (he insisted!), and he did a lot of this:

The best was the way the woodland critters in our neighborhood dealt with the weather. Here you can see the hole (at the very bottom of the picture) where one industrious little creature dug its way through the snow. I wonder if it ever reached the tree...

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jennyj said...

i truly appreciate you bc you like fireplaces ac.