Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sneak Peeks

On my needles... a subtly-cabled hat with a fun loop at the top

In our driveway...
In our trash can... Sad, isn't it? I'm organizing all of my photos (huge job; definitely not a one-day project as I had imagined!), and this is the cover of my old college photo album from freshman year. It was full of dark, blurry, backs-of-heads photos. I was able to throw a lot of them away and just keep the best ones. Sadly, the album has seen its day. Happily, though, most of the girls under the contact paper on the front cover are still some of my best friends, so I'm confident that we'll have many more photo opportunities in the future!


Case said...

UGH...Please don't send me ANY of Meagan or any of me with super large glasses on

jennyj said...

YOU THREW THAT SHIT AWAY??? are you insane?